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Back to School Kids Fashion - Our Top Picks!

The break is over; kids all over are excited to go back to school whereas, parents all over are having a hard time deciding on what to buy to make this year comfortable and memorable. Fashion isn't only for adults, kids are now taking over with their own style and it’s pretty awesome! A well dress kid of today will morph into a well dressed adult of tomorrow. It's important that as parents we choose clothing that looks upscale as well as high-end but feels weightless on the skin. Kids want to look good but need to feel good. Here are a couple of European children's clothing styles that are sure to make an impression this school year! 

3POMMES Collection
A brand that is famous for comfortable, yet innovative clothing that demands attention. It's the perfect brand to get for your kids this year before they start their school year. 3POMMES motto is to create simple and functional clothing for kids that will help them explore their surroundings at ease and style. Shop this designer clothing brand today!

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We all know how crazy our kids are for outdoor games and sports. If your kid is as obsessed with activities like skating, here's the graphic shirt with "SKATE" lettering. The saffron base color of the shirt is attention grabbing. This breathable shirt made out of cotton isn't something to ignore this season.

Bohemian charm has taken over everything. Even the little princesses are in love with free birds, flowers and swings. This 3POMMES white tee, with a little girl on a floral swing, is perfect going back to school. "Like a Diamond" is the ideal reflection of your girl's beauty. The cotton tee is also breathable and lightweight, which is precisely the kind of attire that's needed for school.

Denim is an absolute essential for your child to have; it's the perfect bottom to pair anything from shirts to tees with. These grey denim shorts have been designed with prominent stitching patterns that enhance the beauty of the cut. The belt loop at the back also has the brand logo that adds to the cool design of the shorts.

Mayoral Collection
Mayoral is so popular among its new and old clients for the fact that they don't treat their clients as clients rather as friends.
They don't believe in growing their consumer range, but in making friends. This is the ultimate reason for their success. Here are some inspirations you can add to your child's closet from Mayoral. Shop this European clothing brand today!

When it comes to the European designer clothing brand Mayoral, you can expect the best. These vibrant knit shots are practical for going back to school, pair it with sneakers and a crisp white tee-shirt, and you have a her first day for school outfit. These are conveniently available in two colors.

Layers are a must to look cool, aren't they? Well, give your girl a little swag with this decorated denim jacket. The front has colorful floral embroidery as well as studs, but that's not all, it also has a decorated back that adds to the overall charm of the jacket. It's a brilliant layer to add over shorts and a simple tee.

Your denim jacket needs the perfect top, and here we are with the contracting pair. This graphic tee with the dolls design is a fun piece of clothing for your girl. It goes brilliantly with the jacket; you can add shorts, pants or skirt underneath it to complete the outfit. Some glitter sandals or simple sneakers will be able to pull off the cool look to perfection.

Mayoral is known for its cool graphics as well as vibrant colors. This beach printed tee is the perfect reflection of Mayoral's innovative designing. The shirt has a comfortable round neckline and is made from 100% cotton, which makes it light on the skin. Casual tees are easy to pair with jeans, denim shorts as well as trousers.

Now, since you have selected your top, you will need a casual bottom to complete his back to school look. These basic denim shorts are a must buy as it will be the perfect combination for any tee that you have in the closet. It's made of soft and comfortable denim material, also features multiple pockets and is ideal for daily wear. Denim shorts are an essential part of any summer wardrobe!