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Single Mom Stories: About House of Sofella Owner, Lily Bekmezian

by Lily Bekmezian | 20 July, 2020

Lily Bekmezian is a single mama of two and owner of House of Sofella, an online children’s boutique of European brands curated by Bekmezian and her young daughters.  She recently chatted with Raise founder Jessica Butler about launching a brand with two little ones in tow, her approach to parenting post-divorce, and her relationship with her ex’s new partner.

Should You Dress Your Twins Alike?

by Lily Bekmezian | 29 June, 2020

If you’re a fellow twin mom, let me start by saying, “I am here for you.” We are in a league of our own because we’ve endured delivering two babies at once. We know how to tandem breastfeed and bottle feed, have their schedule down pat, and of course have mastered handling double the diapers, baths, and naps along with twice as many hugs, cuddles, and cute clothes! It’s a journey through all the feels (x2) and it’s incredible.

Our Top 3 Tips for Organizing Your Little One’s Wardrobe

by Lily Bekmezian | 12 June, 2020

We all know that picking out your children’s outfits can be a bit more difficult than laying them out on the bed and asking your child to get dressed. Here are a few of our favorite quick and easy tips for streamlining your little one’s wardrobe.

3 Mommy and Me Exercises To Do With Your Toddler

by Lily Bekmezian | 20 May, 2020

3 Mommy and Me Exercises To Do With Your Toddler: Strength Building For You.  Cognitive Development For Your Little One!

3 Ways for Moms to Manage Stress During the Coronavirus Crisis

by Lily Bekmezian | 11 May, 2020

We are living in extremely stressful times right now and the Coronavirus outbreak has drastically changed all of our lives in one way or another. This type of change triggers feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness and uncertainty. There is a wide spectrum of losses that people are going through and grief has become familiar to many. 

Tips On How To Dress Your Baby And Toddler To Promote Autonomy

by Lily Bekmezian | 04 May, 2020

Choosing the right clothes can help your child’s autonomy and independence from birth. Not only in the fact that he/she will be able to dress him/herself when he/she is older, but also by promoting and benefiting free movement. There are so many “cute” outfits out there but think about the context and how you can make it functional for each moment.

4 Ways To Help Your Child Stay Emotionally Connected During Covid-19

by Lily Bekmezian | 27 April, 2020

Four Ways To Help Your Child Stay Emotionally Connected During Social Distancing. First and foremost is how to talk to your child about the COVID-19 virus in a way that is age appropriate and does not create anxiety.

Best Tips for Vacation Packing

by Lily Bekmezian | 01 April, 2020

Best Packing Tips for an Easy Vacation. No Laundry or Running Out of Essentials, ever. Vacation Mode, here we come! Share your best vacation planning and packing tips in the comment box!