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Adorable Sustainable Fashion | Featuring TurtleDove London

13 January, 2020

One of the finest European children’s clothing brands, Turtledove London is a unisex organic brand that is immensely popular for its fine fabrics, style savvy garments and gender neutral design. Turtledove’s high-end collections reflect a passion for passions inspired by everyday life and the beauty of our surroundings. 

French Fashion House Jean Bourget

20 December, 2019

Jean Bourget is one of the most iconic European children’s clothing brand, and a true pioneer in the realm of high end apparel for the little ones. From beautifully printed dresses and tops, to intricate jacquard knit sweaters, chic hats, and an eclectic blend of colors, this European children’s clothing brand always outshines its craft with each new collection.

Lili Gaufrette, From Paris with Love

15 November, 2019

An award-winning European children’s clothing brand, Lili Gaufrette offers high-end collections of gorgeous clothing items, accessories and fine fabrics for little girls. It is the ultimate upscale French brand to gift your little girl the love of fashion, and the passion to play dress up with creative, modern and exquisite clothing and accessories.

Siblings in 3Pommes

14 November, 2019

3pommes is playful and easy to wear… all that thanks to its rich history and strong expertise which they have continued for now more than 45 years ago! Take a closer look at some of our favorite styles this season!

Dressing Up You Little Girl In Deux Par Deux

14 November, 2019

Designer clothing isn’t hard to find, and you can get them in physical stores or online very easily. However, will they be comfortable enough? Will trends meet their active lifestyle? Can they wear these luxury styles to school? The answer is, absolutely! The clothes should allow.

Back 2 School. Let Us Help You Get Ready!

14 November, 2019

The break is over; kids all over are excited to go back to school whereas, parents all over are having a hard time deciding on what to buy to make this year comfortable and memorable.

Summer Fashion for Your Little Explorer

14 November, 2019

FUN AND FUNCTIONAL - Summer Outfits For Boys

14 November, 2019

A Reflection of Whimsical Spirits | This is Appaman

04 November, 2019

Appaman | Quirky, loud, formal and vibrant-Appaman is an iconic designer clothing brand that celebrates kids fashion with high-end offerings in a variety of styles and trends. This brand is known for its exquisitely fine tailoring, and its unique blend of Scandinavian charm with American pop graphics.

Catimini ~ A Celebration of Colors, Vibrancy & Creativity ~

22 October, 2019

As a high-end children’s clothing brand, Catimini has dominated the luxury clothing industry in a short span of time with its endless creativity and vibrant color palettes. This French designer clothing brand attracts children and their parents to the most delightful blend of vibrant, bright and carefree patterns and colors created.

TurtleDove London: Gift Your Child High-End Organic Cotton Clothes

14 October, 2019

TurtleDove London is a celebrated unisex organic brand that enjoys immense popularity as one of the leading luxury baby clothes brand in the United Kingdom. Famous for its high-end designer clothing, alongside it’s ethically sourced organic cotton, which truly sets apart the comfort and durability of the garments.

All that Glitters Featuring IMOGA Fall Collection

23 September, 2019

Jean Bourget Boys - Formal VS Casual

13 August, 2019

Who doesn’t like dressing up their children and showing off their clothes, we all love to dress up our kids in new and fashionable clothes don’t we? If you too are looking for European children’s clothing, Jean Bourget should be your ultimate stop.


05 July, 2019

Summer is the ultimate time for kids to let go of everything and be the real fashionistas that they are. Summer parties, pool parties and birthdays all happen when the sun is shining bright, and the weather is perfect for the kids to go outside and play. For such free-spirited kids, parents need clothes that are not only fashionable but also functional. 

Kid’s Summer Fashion: Introducing 1+ In The Family & TurtleDove London

24 June, 2019

When the sun decides to shine full and bright, kids rejoice. It’s their time to shine as well. Whether it’s cycling, skating or a “simple catch me if you can” game in the backyard, the sun makes the fun double. Summer dressing for kids should be more functional than in any other season. 

Trendy Fashion Outfits for Kids: Introducing Deux Par Deux & 3Pommes!

19 June, 2019

Daddy and Me, Matching Outfits; Father's Day Ideas!

07 June, 2019

The Perfect Vacation Outfits for Kids!

16 May, 2019

The Art of the "Hand Me Down" - Tale of 2 Sisters

22 April, 2019

Our Top Five Outfit Choices for Mother’s Day | House of Sofella

11 April, 2019

As a mom and shop owner of designer clothing for children, I can’t help but plan my kids’ outfits in advance. Even when I’m searching for new designs to carry, I’m envisioning where and when they could wear it! So it should come as no surprise that I’m already thinking about our Mother’s Day wardrobe. If you have something special planned, take a peek at our top five choices for the special day.

Welcome To Our Blog | Mommy, Sofia & Stella | House of Sofella

06 April, 2019

Who is House of Sofella? The inspiration and the story behind a single mother of two little girls creating and building a future in children's fashion!