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Glambaby; Chic and protective sunglasses for boys and girls!

by Lily Bekmezian | 17 March, 2020

Dr. Arian Fartash is a Mom and Eye Doctor living and practicing in Southern California. Her love of children and love of keeping eyes safe have led her to create a brand of chic and protective sunglasses for boys and girls, GlamBaby. 

#WomenRock at House of Sofella

by Lily Bekmezian | 10 March, 2020

The FlipperSplash team often has the unique opportunity of connecting with fellow Mom Entrepreneurs that truly inspire.  Lily Bekmezian is one of these amazing moms that has found the time and energy to create a Brand that focuses on family and fashion; two of our favorite topics! 

Adorable Sustainable Fashion | Featuring TurtleDove London

by Lilit Iskanian | 13 January, 2020

One of the finest European children’s clothing brands, Turtledove London is a unisex organic brand that is immensely popular for its fine fabrics, style savvy garments and gender neutral design. Turtledove’s high-end collections reflect a passion for passions inspired by everyday life and the beauty of our surroundings. 

French Fashion House Jean Bourget

by Lilit Iskanian | 20 December, 2019

Jean Bourget is one of the most iconic European children’s clothing brand, and a true pioneer in the realm of high end apparel for the little ones. From beautifully printed dresses and tops, to intricate jacquard knit sweaters, chic hats, and an eclectic blend of colors, this European children’s clothing brand always outshines its craft with each new collection.

Lili Gaufrette, From Paris with Love

by Lilit Iskanian | 15 November, 2019

An award-winning European children’s clothing brand, Lili Gaufrette offers high-end collections of gorgeous clothing items, accessories and fine fabrics for little girls. It is the ultimate upscale French brand to gift your little girl the love of fashion, and the passion to play dress up with creative, modern and exquisite clothing and accessories.

Siblings in 3Pommes

by Shopify API | 14 November, 2019

3pommes is playful and easy to wear… all that thanks to its rich history and strong expertise which they have continued for now more than 45 years ago! Take a closer look at some of our favorite styles this season!

Dressing Up You Little Girl In Deux Par Deux

by Shopify API | 14 November, 2019

Designer clothing isn’t hard to find, and you can get them in physical stores or online very easily. However, will they be comfortable enough? Will trends meet their active lifestyle? Can they wear these luxury styles to school? The answer is, absolutely! The clothes should allow.

Back 2 School. Let Us Help You Get Ready!

by Shopify API | 14 November, 2019

The break is over; kids all over are excited to go back to school whereas, parents all over are having a hard time deciding on what to buy to make this year comfortable and memorable.