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Siblings in 3Pommes

The Experience of 3Pommes!

3pommes is playful and easy to wear… all that thanks to its rich history and strong expertise which they have continued for now more than 45 years ago! It was in Normandy, in the middle of the apple trees, hat I was born more than 45 years ago. We quote the creator, "Like all new-borns, my first contact with my family was a “First Smile” .
Very quickly, “my First Steps” made my parents very proud. “My First Escapades” went with a desire to grow up, but not too quickly! And that is the reason why my parents decided to call me : 3 Pommes.
Since then, years have passed, and in order to keep sharing this natural world of softness, dreams and future that means a lot to me, I decided to dress children with the cutest outfits you have ever seen"!

Boasting an extensive colour palette, an array of fabrics and original prints, 3pommes accompanies the children through all stages of their childhood.
Seasons come and go; Summer blends in to Fall and Fall blends into Winter. There is no stopping the change of season, and by shopping 3Pommes you've somehow made it a priority to keep up with the change in trends and styles. With the help of 3Pommes, you can make sure that your children are always dressed in immaculate yet functional clothing that oozes fashion and trend. Keep them stylish with designer European children’s clothing. The secret is in the materials and fabrics.
Here are some great pieces from 3Pommes that will have your kids standing out from any crowd!

Gone are the days when parents couldn’t be bothered with what their kids wore. Today’s kids need fashion as much as their parents do. Let’s start with these high-fashion Camouflage pants. The beauty of these pants is that they can be paired with anything from casual tees to proper polo shirts. The comfort of these pants is such that your boy will be able to climb trees with ease. Made with 100% cotton the pants are easy to wash and dry.

Come winter you can’t stop the boys from running around the park with their friends. They need the most comfortable clothes for their backyard adventures. The high-end fabric layers of 3Pommes are made with extreme care to ensure comfort and ease. This zip-up hoodie is not only stylish but also warm enough to keep your kids snuggled all through winter.

With 3Pommes you get upscale and Designer Clothing for your kiddos, such is this Girls Navy Zip-up Hoodie Cardigan. This high-end hoodie will set off any outfit with perfection. Add a little spice your girl’s mundane attire by layering them with this zip-up hoodie. Keep your girl warm and stylish this winter with this classic style. Moreover, the hoodie has been given embroidered detailing on the sleeves as well as dual side pockets with easy to close and open metal zips.

The shine of the galaxy will be nothing compared to your little girl’s sparkling smile when she wears this Voila black galaxy dress. The dress is as much of a beauty as your daughter. It’s the perfect dress to wear at birthday parties, family dinners and even weddings. This dress was meant to look high-end without the price. Cute contrasting sandals and an embellished hair clip will go well with this black beauty.


She is a princess; a unicorn and a fairy, there are many layers to your little girl. Why curtail her imagination, why not let it soar high and free? This cute little bi-matter dress is all she needs to become the fairy she wants; let your daughter feel the magic of Tinkerbell with this sequined dress. The gold ink fairy with the gold lettering “Cracking and Fairy” sets off the dress with perfection.


Twinkle Twinkle sequins star, 3Pommes makes sure your princess gets the best of all. This glittering star against the white of the shirt looks regal. Your daughter will be the envy of her friends whenever she wears this t-shirt. Marine or golden, change the colours of the sequins with just one touch. Make your girl the star of the show with her own glittering star. The 100% cotton material makes brings the casual flare to this very luxury looking top!

3Pommes is a luxury brand that offers not only fun but also functional styles for the growing kid! Their high-end and upscale selection of clothes will make your kids the most popular among their friends. With 3Pommes and their exceptional detail to design and creation, you will become the proud parents of some best-dressed kids in town.