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Our Story...

EST 2017 Los Angeles Based

House of Sofella roots from the love of fashion, motherhood and a simple vision. Emerging her two daughters names, Sofia and Stella, Owner Lily Bekmezian strives to bring you the latest trends, high fashion, quality clothing and accessories for children, with guarantee they will love.

A passion for great material, longevity and keen sense of fashion, Lily searches for not only the best, but reasonably priced unique pieces.  

As a single mother she takes tremendous pride in teaching her two young daughters individuality and freedom of expression.

Together as a family they pick and choose the visions you see.

House of Sofella invites you into her very own hand picked boutique. Lily spends time speaking with each designer and gaining knowledge of their stories behind each look while creating a new story of her own.  

Mix & match, be bold, be different. Tell your own story, she encourages.