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French Fashion House Jean Bourget

Jean Bourget is one of the most iconic European children’s clothing brand, and a true pioneer in the realm of high end apparel for the little ones. This French fashion house for the petite was originated by Emile Bourget, the grandfather of Jean Bourget, in 1908. The workshop opened its doors in La Chaussaire, tucked in the Maine et Loire.

By 1954, Jean Bourget clothing had evolved into a popular name in comfortable and beautifully tailored, luxury baby clothes with an affluent clientele. During this period, there’s weren’t many designer clothing brands dedicated to children. Jean Bourget attracted customers with its fine materials, exquisite tailoring and refined designs. In 1959, it opened its subsidiaries in Milan, New York and Barcelona, emerging as the first European children’s clothing brand to spread its wings and take over the global market. By 1993, Jean Bourget clothing began opening its own upscale stores, and after joining the Zannier Group, it emerged as one of the most popular luxury baby clothes brand.

The year 2011 witnessed the launch of Little Couture, Jean Bourget’s fantastical collection of finely tailored suits and gorgeous dresses for children. Today, Jean Bourget’s high end collections are available in over 550 outlets across 40 different countries.

Explore the Winter Collection

We adore Jean Bourget clothing for its beautifully tailored, and exquisitely detailed collections that allow children to cherish all the things that they love most. The fall/winter collection marks a glorious return to the 1970s with several old-school pieces, and playground-friendly designs. The collection takes inspiration from a wide range of aspects, including BMX, video games, skateboarding and much more.

The boys’ collection offers a style savvy range of polo shirts, and vibrant sweaters, while the girls’ collection is utterly delightful with its serene color palettes, musical appeal, fine fabrics, glossy velvet and chic detailing. The collection boosts a loud and colorful attitude with exquisite details, like shiny sequins, metallic copper and a fun-loving, jovial vibe.



Our website allows you to explore the best offerings of this European children’s clothing treasure trove. We adore how the pieces encourage an eclectic mix and patch of prints, fabrics and patterns, reviving traditional trends with a quirky makeover. Boys get to rejoice the charm of traditional tailored suit jackets, while girls get to flaunt the glamour of velvet dresses with gold pleats, and beautifully styled blouses.

Nature has been a bold element for this season’s collection, and needless to say, Jean Bourget is the ultimate designer clothing brand to create kid-friendly outfits inspired by Mother Nature. Much of the designs feature stunning backgrounds of seaside landscapes, and quirky camouflage prints. Children adore this high end brand for its soft and comfortable materials, cozy knitwear and appealing color palettes.

From beautifully printed dresses and tops, to intricate jacquard knit sweaters, chic hats, and an eclectic blend of colors, this European children’s clothing brand always outshines its craft with each new collection. If you haven’t discovered the style savviness of this luxury baby clothes brand, now is the perfect time to allow your child this remarkable fashion experience!


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