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Fun and Functional - Summer OUTFITS FOR BOYS
Summer is the ultimate time for fun and party; it’s the time for beaches, pools and countless family picnics. Kids can’t really stay indoors when summer arrives, for them it’s all fun and games, and parents should let their kids play freely, it builds fitness and confidence. Permission to play outside and explore the world isn’t the only thing kids need; they also need attire that keeps them cool and helps them stay comfortable.
with Appaman you get style, luxury and comfort! Appaman is one of the major brands that offers high end children’s clothing that is the epitome of luxury and comfort. It’s all the kids need this summer to feel free and explore the world.

Boys Graphic Palm Tree T-Shirt

Beaches, pools and picnics, these are the things that sum up the summer season for all the kids. Appaman makes the best functional clothing from the beach to formal. This short sleeve tee is a stylish graphic piece that sums up the beach scene perfectly. The shirt has serene palm trees creating a perfect silhouette over midnight blue hues. The short sleeves make the shirt very practical for summer wear. It's super soft cotton material makes the summer heat that much more bearable.

Boys Graphic Sunglasses T-Shirt

Summer is all about cool tee’s that are both functional and vibrant. This cool t-shirt has the perfect design with sunglasses over the combination of blue and yellow, the two colors that reflect summer more than any other making this t-shirt flawless. With short sleeves and soft cotton material, he can pair this tee with jeans, denim shorts or joggers.

Boys Camp Shorts

Shorts are the only attire that should be allowed in summer. They keep the body cool and calm, they are fully functional, and they are best for formal as well as casual outfits. Whether he is going to the beach or the pool or even to his friends birthday party, these camp shorts are perfect for all occasions. The shorts are made of 100% cotton with a sporty, sharp cut. You can easily match these shorts with a simple tee or even a graphic tee from the many options you get from Appaman.

Boys Beach Pants

Once the beach party is over, the kids need something light to wear after playing in the sand. These beach pants are the perfect attire for afterwards. When the kids are done with swimming and want to relax and join the party. The material of the pants is a mix of cotton and linen, which makes it very comfortable as well as functional. Moreover, the pants are perfectly tailored and will look great with a tee or a casual shirt.