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Kid’s Summer Fashion: Introducing 1+ In The Family & TurtleDove London

When the sun decides to shine full and bright, kids rejoice. It’s their time to shine as well. Whether it’s cycling, skating or a “simple catch me if you can” game in the backyard, the sun makes the fun double. Summer dressing for kids should be more functional than in any other season. Kids’ clothes should be high end and upscale, but they shouldn’t be hindering the kids in any way. They need comfort and luxury to explore the world that resides in their backyard even if they are wearing designer clothing.

1+ In The Family:


For babies from 1 to 48 months old, 1+ In The Family offers versatile summer clothing that is both high end as well as comfortable.

Baby Girls Ribbed Cotton Terry Cloth Dress


Baby Girls Ribbed Cotton Terry Cloth DressBaby Girls Ribbed Cotton Terry Cloth Dress

Who doesn’t love dressing up their baby girl? Girls are so precious when they are dressed up as princesses, but its summer, the sun is blazing hot, and the wind feels warm on the skin. Keeping clothes light-weight should be the way to go in summer. This cotton terry dress is perfect for a picnic and any outings. Available in two colors the dress is light-weight and perfectly breathable. Let your baby girl have all the fun in the world with her comfortable luxury baby clothes.

Baby Boy or Baby Girl Sleeveless Overalls:


Baby Boy or Baby Girl Sleeveless Overalls Baby Boy or Baby Girl Sleeveless OverallsBaby Boy or Baby Girl Sleeveless Overalls

If you are looking to buy unisex clothing before your little ones, this sleeveless overall should be on the top of your list. Colors are awesome, but there are times when you should play it safe and get unisex stuff that will go with both a boy well as a girl. Overalls are absolute favorites when it comes to European children’s clothing


TurtleDove London: Organic Cotton Collection

 They specialize in organic cotton, unisex and season-less garments. So your kid can have fun all around the year. Their summer collection includes:

Baby Girl or Boy Black and White Grid Jersey Shortie:


Baby Girl or Boy Black and White Grid Jersey ShortieBaby Girl or Boy Black and White Grid Jersey Shortie

This grid pattern shortie is the perfect thing for your little one, to wear and play in the park or at home. It’s the perfect summer outfit if ever. It’s both fashionable and light-weight, pretty soft on the baby’s skin as well.

Baby & Toddler Shortie Sprinkle Print Dungaree:



Baby & Toddler Shortie Sprinkle Print DungareeBaby & Toddler Shortie Sprinkle Print Dungaree

Kids love sprinkles on their cake and biscuits; they would equally love the sprinkle pattern on their dungaree. Among all European children’s clothing, a dungaree is a tradition. You can either add a shirt underneath or skip it altogether if the sun is shining too bright.


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