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Jean Bourget Boys - Formal VS Casual

Who doesn’t like dressing up their children and showing off their clothes, we all love to dress up our kids in new and fashionable clothes don’t we? If you too are looking for European children’s clothing, Jean Bourget should be your ultimate stop. Jean Bourget is known for its traditional and evergreen designs. Moreover, Jean Bourget is a designer clothing brand that creates luxury baby clothes but also upscale toddler and young boy’s one of a kind styles.
Here are some casual as well as formal inspirations for your growing boys.

Casual Dressing:
Daily wear clothes are a forte of Jean Bourget, and the brand knows what a growing boy needs.
Their casual clothing is comfortable and stylish; here are some examples: 

Casual clothing is the best, especially for you young boys. Boys are so full of energy; it is hard for them to sit straight; this means their clothes should be in line with their energies. Light and casual clothing is the signature of Jean Bourget. This casual and graphic T-shirt is perfect for daily wear and will go with both shorts and jeans. You can also dress them up in a stylish bermuda short.

Casual tees from Jean Bourget are pretty versatile, and they can be paired with shorts, jeans as well as Bermuda. Bermuda shorts are the most essential item of any boy’s closet. They keep the skin breathing; they are light and also the length is ideal for the boys to run, jump and play non-stop. These straight-cut, three pocket Bermuda shorts are designed with adjustable waist making them very convenient and comfortable to wear.

Formal Dressing:
Family dinners, weddings and such formal events need a bit more than casual and daily wear. Here are some examples of formal styles by Jean Bourget for your little gentleman. 

Whether you are going for church, a wedding or any formal family occasion, the boys will need to look their best. Jean Bourget knows how to tackle this situation, this formal pullover shirt is ideal for formal occasion, its light and very comfortable. The stiff collar gives it a very precise touch, making it perfect for all formal occasions. Made with mixed fabric, the shirt is soft on the skin as well as very stylish.

Another casual/formal combo that will suffice all formal occasion is this long-sleeved shirt with a stylish front pocket. The polished design of this shirt is what gives it the ultimate formal touch. Pair it with tailored trousers and some high-shine shoes and he is good to go.

Dressing up kids in high-end and upscale clothes is what all parents love. Jean Bourget is proud to make things easier for parents who are looking for European children’s clothing styles for their boys.