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The Perfect Vacation Outfits for Kids!

Going Somewhere? Let us help you pack.

Vacation time is here! Every family needs to take an annual vacation to blow off some steam. Now that your vacation time is here or near, what will the kids be wearing?


Everyone loves to see a well dressed kid


Watching a well dressed kid is like looking at a miniature adult. Nothing brings parents more joy than seeing their child running around in high end upscale clothing. 

This is your moment to impress the world. Keep reading to discover some vacation outfit ideas that will give your kid the style they deserve. 


Tropical floral dress prints for girls 

These tropical floral dress prints make the perfect combination of day and night time wear. Throw this type of dress on for a lovely dinner, or during a full day of exploring. It’s versatility and high end cuteness factor will have your child the star of the show in no time.


Bright colored bermuda shorts for boys 

Nothing beats a stylish pair of bright yellow or bright peach Bermuda shorts. While on vacation these shorts can serve you both on or off the beach. Not going to the beach this year? Bright colored shirts still make stylish bottoms for any neutral colored top.


Checkered patterned summer shirts for boys 

Checkered shirts epitomize the best of summer. Nothing says vacation more than a high end upscale checkered shirt for boys. Your little cutie pie will instantly turn into a miniature you by wearing luxury baby clothes.


Baby and toddler denim skorts 

These incredible pieces make the perfect vacation designer clothing for your baby girl. When the weather permits, these denim skorts can bring a splash of European children’s clothing to her wardrobe.


Sleeveless dresses for girls

Designer clothing is an investment into your future. You will be able to pass these clothes down to other children, family members, or even donate them. A high quality sleeveless dress for your baby girl will be useful long after you return from vacation. That is the beauty of luxury baby clothes.


Unisex sleeveless overalls 

A pair of baby blue sleeveless overalls can be worn by both your baby boy or baby girl. It makes the perfect vacation outfit for poolside lounging or beach going adventure. Typical of European children's clothing makes this outfit a high end upscale luxury piece that you must have.


Baby boys printed tees and matching shorts 

Dress your baby boy just like his dad. Give him high quality, high end printed T-shirt’s and 100% organic cotton shorts. He can run around all day and night feeling comfortable and just like dad.


Tropical playsuits for baby girls

Nothing says vacation better than a tropical playsuit. These super cute outfits show the world that your baby girl has acute taste for designer clothing and luxury baby clothes. Perfect for both the summer vacation you have planned or spring getaway just around the corner.


Now you have some great ideas on vacation clothing for your children. Always remember that your little cutie pies need the best quality, high end, and upscale clothing that will withstand the unexpected, adventurous life of a baby, toddler or little one. 

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